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Hydro International: sectors-based web development

Hydro International  is a water management company that believes true innovation breaks all boundaries.

Working with Hydro International was a unique experience as we took an older, dated version of their website and gave it a complete design make-over, creating a fresh and user friendly website. We developed a custom website that reflected their unique offerings across industries. 

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UX/UI Design, Copywriting, Web Development

Project Output

The Hyrdo International website got a complete overhaul, creating an easy to use website that has tailored filtering, allowing users to filter through recent projects, sectors, services, and the company. Using our trusted seven-step process we delivered a water-tight website to Hyrdro International.

Unique to their website is a project gallery, which allows users to filter Hydro International’s projects by the six sectors that they work within. This makes it easy for users to discover if Hydro International has competencies within a relevant industry. After workshops with Hydro International, and research into their user base and those users’ search intent, we discovered that this information was essential for a smooth user journey.

Hydro International
Hydro International

Water under the bridge

We updated Hydro International’s website to help them stand out in their industry

Hydro International approached us with a dated website, which their team knew needed updating. We analysed the content and performance of their existing website, and researched their target market and web users, to find opportunities for improvement that we could back up with data. From there, we created an updated information architecture and low-fidelity wireframes for the new website.

We used Hydro International’s existing logo and brand elements to design the website, keeping the visuals clean and professional. The end result is an updated website with a smooth UX, a clean and modern design, and a backend content management system that’s easy to use for their team.


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