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Buy4Pets Online:
An eCommerce where pets come first!

Buy4Pets Online are a sister brand of a popular bricks-and-mortar pet store. Their digital eCommerce brand was created in 2021, and their eCommerce website was launched shortly after.

Launch Project




Business Design, Brand Design, UX Design, eCommerce Development, Google Ads, Social Media, Email Marketing & Automation

Project Output

When we first met Buy4Pets their ambition was to develop a brand and website separate to their retail store that increased brand awareness and delivered an enhanced customer experience. The Madcraft team went on a journey of digital transformation with Buy4Pets, starting from ground zero and moving to a custom WordPress site build. Our focus was to build a website that met the following requirements:

  • Integrate with current EPoS system which links to multiple retail stores and warehouses.
  • Handle a large and dynamic catalogue of products
  • A design that was optimised for Desktop and Mobile
  • Create a strong and seamless customer experience
  • A CMS that is easy for staff members at Buy4Pets to use

The brand design and context was inspired any a modern approach to the pet supplies industry. Pairing clean and simple lines with bright colours meant that our web design stood out from the current market offering. We simplified the user experience, creating an online atmosphere that still feels like a familiar brand.

The website was built with flexibility in mind. The team wanted a website that was manageable for staff with varying technical abilities, and which gave them the freedom to update content in the future. Using our base WordPress framework, we designed and developed a series of custom templates to make updating the site quick and easy, allowing them to adapt content. Finally, we worked on integrating the EpoS system CBE, and created API calls to link stock in store tills and stock to web. Importantly, the functionality and UX of the website build enables users to make an effortless purchase within minutes, driving increased conversions.

Post launch, the Madcraft digital team took over to devise a marketing strategy. After an initial drive toward brand awareness and web traffic, we launched conversion campaigns which led to a conversion rate increase of 109%, and a total sales value increase of 337% in four months.

Buy4Pets Email

Building customer retention

Email marketing is just one of the marketing tools we use to build Buy4Pets Online’s digital presence

After launching the Buy4Pets Online website in 2020, we built out an email marketing automation journey to reduce the number of abandoned baskets, and increase customer retention. We also encouraged email marketing sign-ups with a website pop-up which offers a discount code.

With a strong email database, we send out monthly email campaigns with featured products, promotions and more, segmented to audiences based on their purchase behaviour. This has been an excellent tool for gathering essential first-party data to support other marketing efforts, and increasing the number of repeat customers.


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Custom eCommerce filters

We built custom filters to make it easy for customers to find what they’re looking for

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Engaging megamenu

We designed and built a branded mega-menu to enhance the customer experience

Warehousing integration

We integrated with their EPoS system, which links to multiple retail stores and warehouses.

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Dedicated account manager

Buy4Pet’s dedicated account manager works with their team short- and long-term to create strategies that drive revenue and engage customers.

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Email marketing & automation

We built email automations to reclaim abandoned carts and ongoing campaigns to segmented audiences as a low-cost channel to drive revenue.

Google Ads

We research, create and optimise ongoing competitive Google Ad campaigns to capture new customers and drive ROI.


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